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Building the Community... One Teen Mom at a Time!

Dream Girls Mentoring strive to provide safe and quality programs that help develop teen moms into strong and healthy young adults. We are dedicated to helping young mothers overcome obstacles that prevent them from becoming educated, self-sufficient, career-oriented, and powerful women. We realize that being a teen parent is not an easy task. So we not only help our young ladies finish high school; we push them to go beyond that.

Dream Girls Mentoring Program Proudly Presents.....

"The Community Baby Shower" 

To register for the 2nd Annual "Community Baby Shower" 

on May 10th, 2014. Please Click Here.

Starting on February 16th, 2014, Dream Girls Mentoring will be having Donation Drives for our Community Baby Shower on the 1st and 3rd Sundays and Wednesdays!!

We will be accepting new and used baby items at the Dream Girls Office from 3:30-6pm!

Please join us as we continue to "Bulid the Community... One Teen Mom at a Time!"

4th Annual "Dream Girl Talk"

"Beautifully Flawed"

For more information about the 4th Annual Dream Girl Talk

"Beautifully Flawed- Learning to be YOU!" 

on April 26th, 2014. Please Click Here.

"No matter what the circumstance or situation is, we tell our young moms that they can succeed! We want them to DREAM BIG and remember that nothing is permanent. We appreciate all the support as we continue to 'Build the community... One teen mom at a time.'”

- Tamira Dunn, CEO of Dream Girls Mentoring Program, Inc.

"Increasing our knowledge and their access to such services as the ones Dream Girls provides is one step toward making a difference for this population of young women."


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